About Joe the Data Guy

I’m Joe Mercer,  I’m in my early 30’s, married with two kid demanding almost all the free time I have. I grew up wanting to be a physicist or a gun mechanic (whatever that means). Now I work at a tech consulting firm, and known as the data guy.

Before I learned about data science, I spent the majority of my career doing  data migration from legacy systems, data clean up and data entry. I love reading through data sets, doing some remediation, and trying to draw insights out of the data that I may not have considered before looking at the data.

I didn’t go to college for anything related to data science, nor had any software engineering classes learned in classrooms.  That to be said, with amazing amount of free online resources, I become a data scientist on my own, with my little free time.

Today, I help Fortune 500 companies answer some of their most pressing issues using data to help drive decision making.

The intent of those blog is to provide weekly updates with general information, my take on programs/courses that I have completed, some sample analysis (using public data so that you can follow along) and Kaggle competitions.

JOE THE DATA GUY started on new years day of 2017. I use this blog to document my learning journey, and my thoughts – in hope someone may find it useful and inspired to become a data scientist using their free time.

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